Warsaw Stock Exchange goes green

Our final engineer’s project at PJIIT is complete. As a team, we have created an unofficial Android app for Warsaw Stock Exchange investors (there’s no official one at all). A documentation of over 200 pages has been written as well. We’ve worked in RUP development process and we were organized in smaller teams.

We followed the design pattern recommended by Google and used by Twitter, having the main home screen as an entry point for navigation, which also includes a ticker and quick summary of daily ups/downs at the top, and a daily session’s countdown timer at the bottom.

Stock lists have a search bar with autocomplete function (we’re storing all financial instruments in a local database), and scrolling is supported by AlphabetIndexer.

We used MySQL and PHP for web service. Fun fact: the financial data is parsed from the WSE website, because their system doesn’t have any public API…

Main features:

  • Quotations: shares, treasury bonds, structured products etc.
  • Line, bar & candlestick charts
  • Portfolio, calculating current profit and loss based on owned shares
  • Game, allowing users to invest virtual money and improve their skill
  • Watch list, for easy access to favorite stocks quotes
  • RSS reader for market-related news
  • Customizable notifications for price changes.

Sadly, it won’t be published on Google Play.

Logo and icons were created by Łukasz.

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